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The LevelUp! Workplace Tutor Goes Europe projects has been very active since its inception. The four main activities have been:
  • The holding of Transnational Meetings
  • The creation of a communications infrastructure to communicate both externally and internally.
  • The holding of Multiplier Events
  • The delivery of our first training course.

The initial Transnational Meeting was held in Frankfurt in Germany in October 2015 where the project was analysed and tasks identified and allocated to partners.

The second Transnational Meeting took place in Valencia in Spain in March where progress was analysed and new targets created and tasks allocated. In conjunction with the Transnational Meeting a very successful Multiplier Event was held which formed the basis of our first publication.

The third Transnational Event was held in Kilkenny in Ireland where partners received a report from Noreside Resource Centre on progress being made for the forthcoming Training Course. Targets were analysed and new tasks identified and assigned to partners.

The fourth Transnational Meeting took place in Budapest, Hungary where the programme for the first Training course was presented, discussed and approved.

The first Training Course was held in Kilkenny, Ireland in February 2017.

The fifth Transnational Meeting took place in Lahti Finland  in June 2017 where the programme of work was reviewed and tasks identified and completion dates agreed for activities between then and the next Transnational Meeting in Germany in November 2017.

The second Training Course took place in Lahti Finland in June 2017

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