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The LevelUp! Workplace Tutor Goes Europe projects has been very active since its inception. The four main activities have been:
  • The creation of a communications infrastructure.
  • The holding of Multiplier Events
  • The delivery of our four training course.
  • The Creation of a Learning Platform.
The partners used "face to face" meetings, Email, Phone calls and Online Conferencing as the main methods of communications between the partners.

A website ( and a Blog ( and a Facebook Page ( to communicate with the general public internationally.

Internally with the partner countries varios methods of communication were used including press releases, formal and informal meetings and Newsletters however the use of newsletters was severly hampered after the introduction of a set of EU rules called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018.

Overall communication were excellent and met the needs of the project.

The first multiplier event took place on Tuesday 8th of March 2016 in the hotel Tryp Oceanic, Valencia (Spain), organized by IFES. Youth unemployment is a major issue in Spain like in many other European countries.

At this event, we aimed to bring together stakeholders from countries suffering higher and lower rates of unemployment and we discussed strategies to overcoming high youth unemployment.

The multiplier event was attended by 33 participants from Spain, with the following target groups: trainers, freelances, training organizations, young unemployed, youth associations, stakeholders, local development agents, young participants in MobiPro program, town councils. Together with 11 transnational partners of the project from Germany, Finland, Ireland, Portugal and Spain.

Enric Roig (General Coordinator Sustainable and Economic Development of Valencia City Council), Hanna Schrankel (IG Metall, Project Coordinator) and Fernando Benavente (IFES Regional Director) welcomed the participants and inaugurated the event.

Javier González (IFES, Project Partner) made a brief presentation of the project, its objectives and expected results.

José Domingo Martinez (Local Development Agent of Manises Municipality / Innovation and entrepreneurship in ADLYPSE) remarked the factors to consider when dealing with youth unemployment and entrepreneurship, from the point of view of public administration.

Ida Spirek (Arbeit und Leben Thüringen) talked about her experience regarding youth work mobility and the MobiPro-EU Programme, which supports young persons from Europe in finding an in-house vocational training position and brings them together with project providers and companies in Germany.

Pepe Albors (FEVECTA. Projects Manager) suggested the worker cooperative as an answer to solve the youth unemployment.

There was a very interesting panel discussion between the speakers and the audience, moderated by Fernando Benavente, where everyone could express their ideas, doubts, fears and possible solutions to the serious problem of youth unemployment.


The Kilkenny Multiplier Event on the subject The Workplace Tutor- Workplace Learning Guide =- of Quality and Qualifications took place in Kilkenny in Ireland today where a very good attendance heard excellent presentations from the following.

Tadhg Curtis of Curtis Training Consultants, Mallow, Co Cork on the subject of the irish Vocational Traiining System (VET) and the Irish Qualifications Framework and its link to the EQF.

Maria Orpana from Salpous based in Lahti in Finland spoke on the role, profile and competency of the Workplace Learning Guide.

Kim Mulqueen of UK company Great Achievers and how it can help have course accredited in the UK linked to the European Qualifications Framework.

A lively discussion took place on the role of the Learning Process Guide, in the modern workplace, something that is new to Ireland and the impact of Brexit.


Work-based learning will take new forms through a comprehensive reform of Finnish vocational education system. Please come and hear from our European colleagues about the position and role of work-based learning at companies in different parts of Europe.
Level up! European Workplace Tutor network is committed to developing WBL processes in a project consortium consisting of Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Irish and Finnish partners from VET institutions. Now it is time to find out how the others do it and benchlearn from good practices to find solutions to take Finnish WBL approaches into the future.

If you are involved in HR development activities in your organization, coordinator of WBL, workplace tutor, trainer or teacher – join us in Lahti and meet your European colleagues.

Level up! Workplace Tutor Goes Europe is an interactive get-together where ideas and experiences will be exchanged and the existing structures and frameworks will be swept away to give room to innovative thinking. Please join us in this peer-learning event to give new insights into work-based learning.

First we will hear from two experts about the situation in Ireland and Germany:
"The Evolution of Training - Completing the Circle"
On the role of the tutor, incompany training and VET in Ireland
Pat Coughlan, Ireland

The role of Trade Unions in Vocational Education and Training in Germany
Hanna Schrankel, IG Metall, Germany
and then we will continue with a Learning cafe activity with each
coffee table concentrating on a different theme:


“Holistic Vocationalism” – Multiplier Event in Germany

The German Multiplier Event on the subject of “Holistic Vocationalism” took place in Frankfurt in Germany on the 29th of May. The Conference was divided into two parts.
After the introduction of the project by the project coordinator Thomas Ressel from IG Metall, head of the sub-department of Education and Qualification Policies spoke on the subject of Holistic Vocationalism and why a vocation means more than a job. He presented the mission statement of IG Metall on the subject. There was a lively discussion about what occupationalism means in different countries and whether it could be useful to agree on European core occupations.

In the afternoon the conference went to visit the area’s biggest provider of vocational education and training. After an introduction to the company the group had a detour around the house. In the end a discussion took place about the importance of learning guidance in vocational education and training.
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