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Intellectual Outputs
1. KILKENNY IRELAND: The Workplace Tutor

Prior to the course it was recognised that at least some of the participants would have little or know experience of designing and delivering training courses. For this reason the course was designed to take participants from pre industrial revolution through to Human Resourrce Management.

The course at the initial one to one method of training commonly known as "Sit by Nelly" to the role of the Learning Process Guide. The course looked at the role of motivation and in particular the work of Abraham Maslow. This course looked at how the work of Maslow could be used both in the classroom and in a "one to one" situation.

The course then looked at different methods of Systematic Training and concentrating on the ADDIE method took participants through the five phases of Analyse Training Needs, Develop the course, Design the course materials, Impliment the course by delivering it and finally Evaluating the course. Participants were introduced to the Kirkpatrick method of evaluation with specifc reference to the fifth step he added which measured the social value of training.

All participants were given a textbook which would allow them to review what they had learned as the progressed through the remainder of the courses.

The second Training Course took place in Lahti Finland in June 2017

3. VALENCIA SPAIN: Assessment and documentation of learning processes.

Following the previous two training programme for workplace tutors, the 3rd seminar took place in Valencia from the 26th of February until the 2nd of March. The topics covered in the course, as planned, included Assessment and Documentation of Learning Processes and an Introduction to local VET System. The course was thoroughly prepared considering the results of the survey previously completed by the participants, always trying to meet their needs and interests.

The course was facilitated by Javier González, Work Psychologist and trainer with 20 years of experience and expertise in adult education, who was also professionally involved in the previous Project EWT. Classroom sessions were carried out in the mornings (9:30-13:30). These sessions focused on the topics to be covered in the course presenting the contents with a very practical approach using group dynamics, role playing, simulations, etc. Several experts were invited to participate in the course to share their expertise with the participants. Elena Baixauli (University of Valencia) presented a practical approach to Conflict Resolution and Business Mediation. Emilio Sanz (Fundación Pascual Tomás) explained in detail the Spanish Vocational Education and Training System.

Study visits were carried out in the afternoons. Participants visited selected institutions where they were welcomed by experts presenting their work in the field of interest for the project. Participants visited: Trade Union UGT-PV Training and Guidance Department, ‘Virgen de la Esperanza’ Occupational Centre for mentally disabled people, Diputación de Valencia (Province Government) Department of European Projects and Innovation, FEVECTA Valencian Federation of Worker Cooperatives Training and Guidance Department.

According to the participants evaluation, the course held in Valencia was very successful and fully met their needs covering the topics planned for this seminar with a practical and innovative approach.


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