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Through its objectives, the project wants to address existing needs of VET personnel in Europe. There is a continued need for a better qualification and improved professionalisation of VET personnel in Europe. This issue is of increased importance against the background of the current shift of policy paradigms in Europe, away from "streamlining" vocational education and towards holistic vocational education according to the model of dual training.

At the same time, growing youth unemployment, especially in the South of Europe, increasingly diverse and heterogenous learners in VET, the continued need for more and better work-based learning, further training, improved training offers for career changers, to name but a few, also means that VET personnel, specifically in-company trainers, are faced with new and increasingly complex challenges in their daily work. This requires new competencies which can only be delivered by high-quality training programmes for VET personnel.

At the same time, the qualification market in this field remains highly fragmented. In many countries, there are no or few training offers that go beyond a basic training in instruction methods, often higher level qualifications are only offered at university level. The project will make a contribution to an improved situation of qualification offers whilst also addressing the political situation that needs to create the framework to put the conditions in place that are needed for well-qualified VET personnel to contribute to an improved area of skills and qualifications in Europe.

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