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Our second public document

Our second public document is now available.

In this brochure "Network Recommendations" we bring you the latest national network developments in the partner countries of the Level Up! Project, and discuss the roles of the key actors in the implementation of WBL at different levels of education and in different types of organisations and workplaces. We also take you to some of themes discussed at the project Multiplier Event in Lahti, Finland on 12 June 2017. Lastly, we provide examples of some good practices in arranging Work Based Leaarning and guidance from our national networks.

The brochure can be downloaded by clicking HERE
The LevelUp! Workplace Place Tutor Goes Europe has published its first public document and its first internal document.

Public Document
Entitled "Youth unemployment and ways to overcome it. The European Experience" is the final product of the network debate on this issue and summarizes the results of the first Multiplier Event of the LEVEL UP project which took place in Valencia (Spain) on the 8th of March 2016, with the participation of VET professionals and stakeholders from the different countries involved in the project, giving policy recommendations from the perspective of the network.

The youth of today are our future, politically, economically, socially... They will rule the world and will be the leaders of political, business, trade union and social organizations. Therefore, they should play an essential role in the debate about what society we want for the future, especially considering how fast the events unfold in this new digital age we are living, to which they are much more adapted and in which they progress at an exponential speed.

In times of economic recession, employment contracts decrease and unemployment increases considerably. For young people, these periods are doubly problematic: they are not only the firsts in the  jobs cuts, but their transition from the educational system to the labor market is practically impossible. This situation causes despair and social instability.

The report can be downloaded by clicking the image opposite:

Internal Documents
As a result of the Training course in Kilkenny three documents were delivered by Noreside Resource Centre to the partners. There were:
  • Trainers manual
  • Course PowerPoint Presentation
  • Course activity material
  • Learners Handbook.
  • Assignments

These will now be used to create the overall manual when all of the courses are completed.

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