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By: Fernando Benavente

What the trade union UGT demands

Although Spain has spent almost four years receiving money from the European Funds to develop a strategic plan for youth employment, there is no improvement in youth employment compared to the rest of the population. Therefore, it is a priority:

1. To establish a new strategy for entrepreneurship and youth employment, evaluating and correcting the failures of the previous strategy. The aim is for the Government to facilitate a better coordination and planning with the social partners, the intermediate organisations and the Autonomous Communities. It means to spend every euro in the most efficient possible way.

2. To promote the contract of relief and partial retirement at age 61, using the European Social Fund Funding. It is about facilitating the generational change.

3. To implement a fellow statute that regulates curricular scholarships and research grants. It is about regulating, effectively, the requirements that companies and institutions have to meet, the maximum duration of the practices or a framework of social protection and prevention of occupational risks. Extracurricular scholarships should not be included in this statute because they must be transformed into an employment contract.

4. To establish a new regulation for the training and learning contract, establishing penalties for companies that abuse their use for the sole purpose of receiving government bonuses.

5. To promote a network of youth employment offices at national level (modeling the Nordic countries). It is about having specialized counselors and developing effective actions within the framework of the Youth Guarantee Plan.

6. To push the Government to bet on quality employment, eliminating the precariousness and temporality that exists in the Spanish labor market, that affects especially the young people.

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